Day 2 – Growth Mindset Edition

All the students went to their lab benches and silently complete a growth mindset agree/disagree form.

20120907-110643.jpg I based it on the one I found here. and John Burk has some awesome analysis of his class data here. The overall goal is to keep the students mindful of how they are learning and what is most important for them to learn. This idea of a growth mindset works every well with mastery/sbg style teaching. And, I have found that my students haven’t really thought about how they think.

I used a think-pair-group-share approach to class. They shared by writing the one they most agreed with, most disagreed with and the on their group was on the fence about on their whiteboards. After that, the did a gallery walk (info here) and then finally board presentations.


20120907-113628.jpg So far the students have pretty strongly agreed that intelligence doesn’t predict how well you do in science, and that your intelligence can change. But some still questioned what is intelligence. Most of them were on the fence about memorization as a useful tool. I’ll be posting the results and analysis in a future full length post. But there were some deep conversations and I look forward to giving it to them in a month and seeing how their answers change.

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