Day 8 – Iron and Sulfur Lab Misconceptions

Two of my classes turned in their first lab of the year today. Last year, we didn’t spend much time integrating labs in with the lectures. So this year, we will do a debrief on white boards each time. It was interesting to see them explain why iron heated with sulfur created a homogeneous mixture. Misconception exposed!








2 thoughts on “Day 8 – Iron and Sulfur Lab Misconceptions

    • Yes! That was my favorite discussion of the day. They told me that because all of the compounds were uniform throughout that then it was a homogeneous compound sort of like a homogeneous mixture. I asked if there could be heterogeneous compounds and they discusses it and determined that homogeneous was redundant with compound. Though I would be interested to tell them about isomers etc. But it might be a little early in the year for that.

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