Day 11 – BTSN and Growth Mindset

Last night was Back To School Night. It started with a dinner with my freshman advisees parents at 5:30 and my last ’10’ minute class ended at 9:55. I years past, I filled the night with demos and surprises. This year I took five minutes to talk with them about the growth mindset. I showed pictures of the marshmallow challenge and gave them a non-jargony emanation of sbg and quiz retakes. I’m hoping this increases buy in from parents, too. And keep the class in perspective.

Over all the take home messages were

  • It’s okay to fail the first time. That’s why we quiz and requiz.
  • Being honest to yourself and to others about your knowledge is the fastest oath to growth.
  • I will not assign busy work. All work should be meaningful.
  • Chemistry is a team sport. No one loses at the end of the trimester.

Here’s a look at our benches for BTSN: our most recent whiteboards, our on going lab, and my favorite new trick, neon dry erase on the counter with instructions.


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