Day 17 – Invisible ink and the periodic puzzle

For the last couple years, I have been using a puzzle to introduce the periodic table unit to my students. After a quiz, I give them a ‘puzzle’ to work on in their lab groups. It consists of squares with four different colored values. They have to look at the trends in each and build a rectangle where everything fits. As they work, they realize that they are missing a piece. So I hand them a blank piece that they then predict the values of that missing piece. Then I give them two more pieces that go around the outside somewhere. Once they get these two pieces in place, I show them a predict table and they realize they just constructed it just like Mendeleev did! But without knowing anything about the elements but a few properties.

This year I added invisible ink and a uv flashlight to make the reveal even more fun. 🙂 Here are the pieces before I cut them out.


One thought on “Day 17 – Invisible ink and the periodic puzzle

  1. This looks very cool. Last year I had my students make a Periodic Table of Cereal, but it proved to be more complicated than I wanted. Would you be willing to share the entire activity?

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