Weekend edition – Interactive Chemistry Textbook

This summer I started writing a interactive chemistry textbook using iBooks. I’m currently mapping out a new version with a focus on content bases standards. Unlike other interactive textbooks, it will not be focused on text. Each standard and objective will be include pretests, videos, interactive formative assessments and student responses that can be submitted directly to the teacher from the book. If you are interested in participating in this project leave me a note.





One thought on “Weekend edition – Interactive Chemistry Textbook

  1. Hello Mr. Kilbane, Thanks for your interesting post. I am excited to see that others are taking on the challenge of composing their own interactive books and looking for collaborators. I am a part of a Michigan group that is launching a collaborative effort this summer to hack together free interactive ibooks files for others to use, remix, and distribute to their students for the following year. We have lots of interested educators from around the state and many who hope to participate virtually. We would value your insight and collaboration- could even use your skills as a trainer over the summer if you are interested. Check out the initial details here: http://www.macul.org/milearning/ibooks/

    There will be more information to come in February and March. Feel free to share this with other iBooksAuthor users. We are smarter together!

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