Teaching is meant to be #shared #scichat #edchat

When I was in graduate school, I spent three months attempted to make a certain type of reaction happen. I tried changing everything, but the idea that worked in theory didn’t seem to happen in reality. Then while searching in the chemistry library, I found a twenty year old article in German that mentioned the reaction. After getting it translated, I found that it wasn’t going to work the way I hoped and the last three months were wasted. If only I had known.

In science, the vast majority of articles describe things that work. Almost all of the dead ends and failures go unpublished. There is a lot of wasted work researching ideas others have tried before. I feel that this is true into teaching too.

When I first started blogging it was intimidating! I only wanted to show fully developed successful ideas. I was embarrassed to share what tried and failed. But that has a lot of value too!

If you sent blogging or tweeting or sharing, please do. What ever you share wether it is the most awesome lesson of your career or even just a failed worksheet, it makes our community richer.

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