Day 7 – BTSN

In class today students continued the mass lab. Since we have only described the particle model, there has been a lively discussion over whether something is gaining or losing particles or if it is experimental error. Part of the homework for the weekend will be for every group to enter their data into a common google spread sheet. Then when all groups are done on Monday, they can make some solid conclusions based onshore than 20 data points per part. (Example data at the end of the post.)

Tonight was also back to school night. While I had an hour to go home, I was at school till 10 pm. We really have some great parents at my school and it was nice to meet all of them. But 7am to 10pm is a bit crazy. To make it a bit more fun, I got the 3D printer going in the back of the classroom and make a glow in the dark life mask of Lincoln from our Smithsonian partnership.




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