Day 27 – Making 3D Memorials #180blog #makered

Today was a light day but I did have some fun working with our 3D printers. While I try to keep my 180blog chemistry related, I am also working to explore the role of 3D printing in our K12 school.

Today I worked with a history teacher whom is very interested in the meaning and structure of memorials. He is looking to reinvent a classic project where students study memorials, visit DC and make a model memorial for a current person, place or event. So to introduce it to the students, he asked if I could make models of the Air Force Memorial in DC. I grabbed sketch up files from 3Dwarehouse and make some models. One on our cube printer:

and one on our Makerbot 2X.

In class, we handed the models out to the students. Now many haven’t seen this memorial before, so they had to try and derive meaning from the structure. This is something that couldn’t really be done without the printer. The tactile nature really the students discuss it in a way they couldn’t with a photo or computer model.

I think this project is going to be great,
I can’t wait to get the kids making their own.


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