Day 50 – More intuitive than PV=nRT #modchem #chemchat #180blog

When I’ve taught gas laws in the pass, students would just memorize equations and show that they could algebra well enough to solve problems. Unfortunately, they had no clue what those equations actually meant. It was reductum ad absurdum. They could give me an answer with out actually understanding any chemistry.

To be honest, that’s why I did so well as a student. I could identify algorithms and apply they easily. It was great! I could easily mimic knowledge which out all the hard work! But, that really defeats the point.

As part of the new modeling curriculum, I’ve switched to using a conceptual approach organized with a IFE chart. As part of review, I asked my students to explain how to do it on a whiteboard. Then I shuffled them and had them attempt to use another groups instructions. Take a look:





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