Day 65 – We’ve got the problem surrounded, come out with your answers up! #modchem #180blog #chemchat

In our last days before the test, I believe that the students finally have approached the ideas from all sides. This has been key to students internalizing this knowledge as a foundation of understanding energy. They can read and generate hearing curves, qualitative determine how determine heat flows, and quantitatively determine how much heat is transferred.

When people often talk about differentiated instruction they confuse it with individualized instruction. By now the aura of students as one style of learner has lifted. We recognize that like everything else, students lie across spectrums of talent. By exposing all of the to multiple facets of a subject, we strengthen everyone’s understanding. Often many will object because they see this as inefficient. But this is not wasted time because most students are horrible at recognizing what the don’t really know. But approach an idea from many angles, we can expose weaknesses that would of been hidden.

The other part of this is that it really challenges the students understanding of the world. For now it is separating the concept of heat and temperature.


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