Day 66 – Literally Flaming Hot Doritos #modchem #chemchat #180blog

To cap off our discussion of heat transfer, we did the calories of food lab today. I started by letting them go by snacks from the cafeteria. Which they all enjoyed.

I ran the lab pretty free form and students did fail sometimes. But since it was fun, they were pretty resilient and figured it out as they went.

I really liked the inquiry aspect of it. It was fun to see which groups swapped out their water in their aluminum cans between trials. One set didn’t and it lead to a great question, what happens if it starts to boil? So I made up a quick question for them. They had to break it into change in thermal and phase energies and then add together. They were pretty excited to apply their knowledge to a relevant problem.

It was also fun since student used pictures and videos to document their labs. It’s pretty natural for them and I hope to incorporate it into the digital lab reports I’m starting next year.


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